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After nearly 8 years, Good Eats has returned, with new episodes airing now. As an avid fan, I was actually just googling yesterday where I could watch the newest season, and it turns out it's not available anywhere sans cable without being littered with ads, sketchy software, and/or low-quality streaming. Until now. Amazon is offering the entirety of Good Eats: The Return for only $2.99. That's an incredible deal, especially considering that you'll own the content. Make sure you're buying Season 16 rather than a single episode before you check out.

This includes the two currently-available episodes as well as the future episodes that will air over the next few weeks.

Good Eats is well-loved for several reasons. Alton Brown is approachable and relatable. He'll teach you about cooking, but also about the science behind why he's preparing food the way he is. You'll walk away more knowledgeable about gluten, why gravy becomes lumpy, and the zillions of ways you can prepare a potato. So far, this season has touched on Chicken Parm and dozens of different types of grains. Because of Good Eats, I can perfectly fry an egg every time, and my pancakes always turn out fluffy. Basically, my breakfast game is a solid 8 out of 10, and I owe it all to Alton.

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