What do you get when you combine two of the most influential first-person shooters of all time? Well, a remake which takes the best elements of both, obviously.

Over at ModDB, a new Goldeneye007 Tc Gzdoom project has been announced which aims to remake the iconic Nintendo 64 first-person shooter using an advanced version of the GZDoom source.

Welcome to the new Goldeneye 007 tc, an updated version of the orignal goldeneye007tc for doom. But there are going to be many changes, such as the heavy use of 3d floors and dynamic lights, advanced weapons, and much much more. Work has commenced and is moving quickly, so expect a demo of the first level by around the end of the month.

The creators also released a gameplay video showing off heir recreation of Goldeneye's opening "Dam" stage, which they claim has more objectives and places to go.

This is the updated Dam level, which at time of writing is about 75% done. There are already many changes being made to the original architecture and the source material. Take for example, the changing of the setting to a nighttime environment, and the changing of the guard towers and adding structures that utilize 3d floors, as well as chairs that explode.

DOOM was of course the controversial, mega-hit which solidified the first-person shooter as a mainstay of the gaming world in the early 1990's, and Goldeneye 007 was the 1997 masterpiece which rescued us from the stream of mindless clones that followed. Both are benchmarks of the first-person genre, and both do well to compliment each other in a single package. Can't wait.