Silver and Gold amiibo Rumor

It looks like Nintendo might be pushing towards strange territory with its amiibo collection. With some figures easy to find and others rather rare, the game and console making company may have just inadvertently taken the wraps off of an upcoming surprise.

They leaked their own silver and gold Mario amiibo.

The image above comes from two seemingly official approved product certificates. The certificates were actually PDF files that have since been removed form Nintendo's official support site. That's right, they were files hosted on The folks at All Games Beta grabbed screenshots of both the silver and gold registrations.

We first saw word of this in a thread on NeoGAF earlier today. It didn't take long for that comment to come in and the PDF files to be removed. This looks like a genuine slip-up.

If you look at the upper-right hand corner of the packaging for each amiibo, you'll see a classic Nintendo license seal with "Silver/Gold amiibo Edition" written in it. That means we might see more of these figurines than just Mario.

Of course, without official confirmation or comment, we can't really tell if this is 100% legitimate. It looks pretty good for a fake, but we're labeling this as a big rumor for now.