A Redditor who moonlights as a Target employee decided to risk their career and snap a picture of a bit of merchandise they found in the stock room. They shared this shot of a gold PlayStation 4 Slim with 1TB of onboard storage.

Supposedly, this gilded console will be available at retail in the U.S., in stores like Target, starting on June 9, 2017. Yes, that’s next week, which would explain why this person was able to snap a pick of the unit in stock.

Interestingly enough, this gold console is the Slim version and not the Pro. I associate gold with luxury, thanks to years of societal conditioning, so I sort of figured this would be a Pro model. No, not the case, just a dressed up version of the Slim.

It should have been the Pro, right?

Any takers on this one? Any Scrooge McDucks out there that absolutely must have a gold console? Any Warios?