The Moto 360 may already be one of the best looking smartwatches around, but Motorola could be gearing up to announce two new design options for the Android Wear device. Product pages for champagne gold and brown leather models popped up on Amazon earlier today, though by now they’ve already been pulled from the site.

Thankfully, Phandroid was able to snap a few screenshots of the leaked Moto 360 variants, offering a first look at Motorola’s new plans for the smartwatch. The gold-colored Moto 360 will apparently come in both 23mm and 18mm size options, while the leather band smartwatch may only be available in the larger 23mm model. All three were priced at $299 on Amazon, which is the same as what the retail giant charges for current Moto 360 models.

Finally, it looks like Motorola plans to offer a metal smartwatch strap for $80.With the holiday shopping season closing in, it makes sense that the Moto 360 would get a fresh coat of paint, especially with exciting new devices like the LG G Watch R and the Gear S ready to compete head-on with Motorola’s round-faced smartwatch.