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Techie travelers, listen up: Airplanes are about to become a happier environment for the hyper-connected set. Gogo has announced that it’s rolling out a faster 9.8Mbps in-flight Wi-Fi service.

The company’s current ATG-3 networking framework maxes out at a measly 3.1Mbps. That’s not so appalling on its own… until it dawns on you that a whole plane is sharing it. Oy. But Gogo’s latest, the next-gen ATG-4, builds on the existing framework to offer more than triple the down speed via cellular EV-DO Rev. B. To begin, ATG-4 will be installed in 25 planes, with hundreds more slated for 2013. The first recipients are select aircraft from US Airways, Delta and Virgin, with United and American Airlines to follow by the end of next year.

Good to see that Gogo’s not squandering the extra funds from its experimental price hikes last month.

[Via The Verge, source Gogo]