While time and technology march forward, the best games are still the best games, and is one of the best resources around for some of the older ones. Users of the service recently started inquiring about how their old games might work in Windows 10, so CD Projekt, owner of GOG (and of Witcher 3 dev CD Projekt Red), has addressed the issue on its blog.

The team has quality assurance testers working to test games, but it is "very optimistic about July 29," the release date for Windows 10, and expect a "near-seamless transition to gaming on the newest version of [Windows]."

The team is encountering a few minor problems, but at this time feels it can get them fixed before Windows 10 hits. The tone of the blog posts suggests that it is hedging its bets with this announcement than actually warning of any notable troubles.

Windows 10 hits on July 29 and, whether you're upgrading or not, your old games should work.