There are so many factors to consider when choosing which store to buy a PC game from online. Who has the best price? Which store do I usually buy from? Which client has the best software? Stores like Steam and EA Origin are huge, but GOG Galaxy is working hard at offering up the most flexible and user-friendly software. The newest update to the service gives it some features not even the big guys have.

The biggest aspect is the introduction of universal cloud saves. Any game on GOG Galaxy is compatible with this – no developer activation or intervention is needed, unlike games on Steam. That's especially important for the "Old" games mentioned in the store's name – Good Old Games. Games like Dungeon Keeper and Planescape: Torment aren't going to be getting fresh updates anytime soon (or ever). Should you want to recover those saves but not install GOG Galaxy, you can do that, too.

Not only is GOG Galaxy optional, so are the features inside

The update also gives users the ability to customize the application's features to personal preference. If you don't use a feature, you can probably turn it off, freeing up resources and simplifying the interface.

The update also adds a hibernate mode that limits the application's CPU usage when playing a game and an in-game overlay that brings stuff like an FPS counter, screenshots, and better achievement notifications.