king kong godzilla

That shared universe between King Kong and Godzilla is happening—and sooner than you think. After Kong: Skull Island in 2017 and Godzilla 2 in 2018, Warner Bros. has plans to introduce Godzilla vs Kong in 2020, which isn't all that far off in the world of movies. This rumor has been kicking around for a few months now, and although we've seen a battle between the monsters before, now's the perfect time for round two seeing as Godzilla was successfully rebooted last year.

Combining the two franchises leaves open a lot of possibilities. Although the title clearly says Godzilla vs Kong, chances are the two monsters will team up to do battle with monsters such as Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan. The only real issue I see is how King Kong is reintroduced to audience since the new Godzilla is the size of a skyscraper. In Peter Jackson's King Kong, the great ape was about the size of a four-story building, which is nothing compared to the king of the monsters.

King Kong and Godzilla first faced off in a 1962 Japanese film, where the two were presented as roughly the same size. Chances are we won't quite see an ape that large, though I'd expect something a lot bigger than we saw in Jackson's interpretation back in 2005.

Warner Bros. is really intent on creating shared universes between its properties, which it's doing with Justice League beginning with Batman v Superman next year. A gigantic mash between Hollywood's most famous monsters sounds good in theory, but the execution has to be exactly right for it to work.