With Godzilla in headlines now more than ever after his latest American film performed well at the box office, you can almost guarantee that he's going to officially appear on an iPad or PlayStation somewhere in the world.

It has been a while since the King of the Monsters has appeared in a video game, and even longer since he has appeared in a good video game, but tag him up for a release on the PlayStation 3 this winter in Japan.

Bandai Namco scored the publishing rights to Godzilla from Atari, and it will be the first time since the original Game Boy that Bandai Namco has published one of his games. It has tapped SH Monster Arts, toy and model creators of giant monsters in Japan, to make the digital character models for the game. They also leaked that Gozilla will be able to pull off all of his classic moves in the game with kicks, tail swipes, and his iconic atomic breath.

I'd be wary about any Godzilla game, mostly because it is such a hard franchise to pull off correctly. Getting the scale of monster battles and citywide destruction should be easier than ever.

The real story is that we are getting a movie tie-in on the PlayStation 3. How long has that trend been out of style? Movie tie-ins have been noticeably absent in video gaming ever since SEGA's Marvel games punched us all in the stomach, aside from the likes of Spider-Man and The Transformers.

Nowadays, movie games have been sent to the mobile gaming fronts on smartphones and tablets, where they can be made cheaply and sell even more.

Who knows? This might not even be a movie tie-in, and it might even be just a standalone Godzilla game. More to come as Bandai Namco announces it.