If you ask the internet what it takes to be a dad these days, you’ll get the answer back pretty quickly: dad jokes. Even without those, God of War‘s Kratos managed to be a massively compelling father figure in his latest outing, which converted him from a one-note character to a complex, interesting dad. The writers resisted the urge to make Kratos a funny character for the most part, but gaming site Polygon has our backs.

The site had the cast and some developers in their offices this week for some interviews, and someone had the idea to put some perfect, beautiful dad jokes in front of actor Chris Judge, who played Kratos in this latest God of War game. The results are amazing.

Stargate fans already know Chris Judge is the best, but those new to him with God of War will find him quickly growing on them after this video. Kratos tackles such dad-appropriate topics as the dangers of stairs and the reason Norse realm Helheim needs gates on it.

Kratos was such a serious character that this kind of thing ends up just endearing him to us further. It might not be canonical to the game, but it’s hard not to imagine these jokes just seething under the surface as his son talks.

God of War is on shelves now, and its latest update brings a photo mode to the game that lets you capture the beauty of God of War or to make it just a little weirder by capturing Kratos doing the one thing we can’t imagine him doing: smiling.