God of War Kratos

He’s already conquered the heavens of Mt. Olympus and the pits of the underworld. Who else is there for Kratos to slaughter in ancient Greece? Nobody? Well, what else is there for a wandering God of War to do besides bring his brutality into an entirely different canon of ancient mythology?

Rumors from inside information leaker Shinobi602 claims that the next entry in the God of War franchise will leave its home of ancient Greece and head north into the realms of Odin and his Norse mythology.

Following the post,  Nerd Leaks set out to find any further hints on this rumor, and it found the portfolio of former SIE Santa Monica concept artist, Finnian MacManus. While many of the images were locked behind passwords, they were visible in the source code, leading NerdLeaks to find:

  • A Kratos-looking character with a beard
  • A Norse mythology setting
  • Alfheim and “Land of the Fairies” are a few of the image’s names
  • The Kratos-looking character will be in prison at one point
  • The Kratos-looking character has an axe that he can use to cut vines and create bridges/walkways
  • The surrounding environment could interact with the character

The article has since been taken down with an ominous warning, stating ““Don’t leak anything …” Luckily, the images survived on plenty of other sites around the net.

The Ragnarok has begun! I mean, after you kill Zeus and the rest of the Greek gods, there’s nowhere else to go besides a culture of Gods who live to die in battle. Sounds like a nice creative decision for the series to take, but be warned. Unless a game’s name is Valkyrie Profile, Norse mythology tends to fall on its face in video games.

Too Human (1)

Ugh. We’ll wait for E3 2016 to see if SIE Santa Monica has anything to share on the next God of War game.