I feel like the meetings at Coffee Stain Studios when it comes time to add features to Goat Simulator must be absolutely absurd. The things this team comes up with are nuts, and their fans have proven with their dollars and cents that they work. Goat Simulator brings in money.

The newest edition? GoatZ. This is DLC that will sell for $4.99. It’s going to release on May 7 (days away, folks), and it will be sold in DLC form for the PC platforms and as a separate app on iOS and Android.

The video above shows the content and gameplay of GoatZ in action, but the description offers a bit more in the way of specifics.


  • Mandatory crafting system because everyone else is doing it
  • Zombies that bug out. There’s a pun here about actual living bugs, but we’re not going to bother
  • You can craft anything in the world, as long as it’s one of the half dozen weapons in the game
  • Zombies, because this is a zombie game, remember?
  • A pretty big new map with some stuff in it
  • Completely realistic survival mode where you have to eat every damn five minutes to survive because Dean Hall & Garry Newman said so

The team even had fun mocking the likes of DayZ, Rust and all the other survival games on Steam with this bit…

That’s right. GoatZ is the latest DLC for Goat Simulator and it will be the only survival game on Steam that isn’t in Early Access!*…

…*not totally sure if this is even true, to be honest we didn’t bother to look it up. But it’s still pretty funny, right?

What will these folks come up with next? My money’s on GOTA, or Goat of the Ancients, Coffee Stain Studios’ first entry int he world of MOBAs. Why not? Everyone else is making them.