Goat Simulator (9)

Yeah, forget that whole idea about Coffee Stain Games not supporting Goat Simulator after it launches. A highly anticipated version 1.1 of the grassroots hit is on the way, and the team has teased us with the latest feature in a brand new short trailer.

Two words: Goat Parkour.

Yeah, the goat has already survived car accidents, exploding gas stations, and freak lawnmower accidents, but now he takes to the most dangerous sport of all, running like a mad fool up and down walls, hundreds of feet above ground.

One slip means certain death! Actually, not at all, but the goat can now treat walls like a flat surface, and he can even walk bipedal style… on his front legs!

The Internet is crazy about Goat Simulator, and we might have found an early contender for "Indie Game of the Year" if the hype is to be believed. Probably not, but the game's vocal fanbase has carried its success far beyond what I had expected, and it doesn't seem like they are being ironic about it. People genuinely like this game.

It is available on the official Goat Simulator website or even Steam now for $9.99, and the free update is expected by mid-May. Why haven't you played yet?