At CES 2019, Goal Zero took the wraps off new energy solutions designed to help consumers build an expansive home backup power storage system. If ever your power goes out, or you just want to support more sustainable technology, Goal Zero’s new products are ones to watch out for.

First up is the Yeti Link, which Goal Zero says is an expansion module for Yeti Lithium Power Stations. The link system will allow users to easily chain together batteries with different chemistry, giving users the freedom to create a robust grid right in their backyard.

According to Goal Zero, the Yeti Link is compatible with Yeti 1000 Portable Power Stations or larger, and can plug right into a power station’s expansion ports. When connected, the Yeti Link will maintain power between the different batteries, whether they’re lead-acid or lithium.

The second announcement from Goal Zero is the Yeti Tank, a battery expansion system designed to work with the company’s Yeti Power Stations. The Yeti Tank can be charged either through solar panels or a wall plug, providing users with a flexible and easy-to-use system. Better yet, multiple Yeti Tanks can be connected to one another to create a large battery for emergencies.

The Yeti Link and Yeti Tank will be available in May for $399.

Additionally, Goal Zero announced an updated line of Flip Power Banks with increased battery capacity and a new solar charger called Nomad 5. The Nomad 5, which will retail for $60, is a solar cell capable of generating 5 watts of power. Users can use the Nomad 5 to charge their device through the device’s USB, making it a great companion when in backcountry.