Most people believe that clocks have a singular purpose — to tell time. Well, in the day and age of smart and IoT devices, that's hardly the case anymore! With LaMetric Time — a WiFi-connected, fully programmable clock — you can wake up with your favorite music, control your house's lights, and more from this single device, available now for just $199. 

LaMetric Time is far more than a clock; it's an intelligent display and control for smart homes. It's capable of integrating with a huge range of apps through the App Store and is fully programmable for those who want extra customization. 

Meaning, you can wake up to your favorite music instead of the irritating buzz of a traditional alarm clock. Or, it can provide you with today's forecast as you turn on your lights from the comfort of bed to kick start your day the right way! 

Plus, it's designed to fit any shelf, bedside, or desk and is easy to set up via its iOS or Android app. Need a clock while traveling? This smart device also comes with US, UK, and EU interchangeable plugs so you can use it anywhere.

Pick up LaMetric Time from TechnoBuffalo now for $199.