Looking to come down after a long day at work with something interactive, chill and, ultimately, beautiful? Let me introduce you to Gnog, a PlayStation 4 game that offers PlayStation VR support.

This game features interesting puzzle boxes. You’ll need to spin and toy around with them in order to crack them open. From there, you’ll run into some interesting problems and characters that need further solving to clear the puzzle at hand.

The entire experience, with its game design, music, graphics and sound, comes together as a wholly relaxing, engaging thing. It begs to be messed with, and it does a great job of setting the mood and serving its purpose.

I mentioned that it is playable in PlayStation VR, though I haven’t tried that yet. I can only imagine that it’s also really good.

Gnog is selling for $14.99. It released this week on the platform. It’s been published by Double Fine with development by a studio called KO_OP. Here’s its launch trailer.