A new version of Gmail for Android is on the way, and it introduces a completely new design, including the now standard navigation drawer. Outed during a Google I/O session called "Structure in Android App Design," the new Gmail ditches the familiar action bar and instead has a drawer that slides out, giving it a similar vibe to the iOS version.

In the screenshot acquired by AndroidPolice, you can see the differences between the current version and the new version, and how much more convenient the new layout is. You also have the option to more easily switch between your Inbox and Priority Inbox, while there's top-level access to "All Labels." Moving the bottom action bar from the equation allows for more navigable space; some buttons, such as new email and Search, are now at the top for quick access.

There were murmurs Google would introduce a UI overhaul to Gmail—more "Holofied"—and that indeed appears to be the case. While nothing of the sort was mentioned during the search giant's big event, Google is clearly working internally to bring a new experience to Gmail users on Android. Once a redesign does land, we'll be sure to keep you posted, and also get a nice comparison hands-on.