Tired of your inbox getting filled up by the same persistent sender? Google has rolled out an update to Gmail for Android that makes blocking specific email addresses super easy.

The update is actually two-fold; you can block annoying emailers in just a few taps; and, in that same vein, you can also quickly unsubscribe from mailing lists, too. Your inbox has never been so peaceful.

Google has been at war with unwanted email for years now, trying to make the experience more enjoyable for users by trying to bring important email to the forefront. On its main site, Gmail sorts messages into different sections, such as Social and Promotions. In an app like Inbox, Google adopts a similar approach, while emphasizing media to promote a more visually appealing experience.

The ability to block people directly from the Gmail app means mail from that sender will now go straight to your spam folder. Meanwhile, tapping unsubscribe will ensure you no longer get hourly emails for a Hot Deal on travel to Florida.

Android users can download the update now.