Gmail for Android was recently updated with a super useful feature that will allow you to save attachments directly to Google Drive. That might not seem like a huge deal, but it will allow folks with limited storage to save attachments in the cloud instead of on a microSD card or local storage. Also, and one reason I’ll be taking advantage of it, the Google Drive save option allows you to keep a backup in the cloud, in case you delete the email and then lose your phone.

Google also added several other features to Gmail for Android, including explanations for why certain messages were sent to your inbox. Wondering why your mom’s recipe get sent to spam? Now you’ll know why. Google also updated the user interface so that it’s easier to access the side navigation menu, just swipe from the left edge of your phone while reading a message and you’ll see all of your Gmail options. Finally, Google added improved right-to-left language support for Gmail users who run the app in Arabic, Persian or Hebrew.

Google says Gmail for Android is rolling out to users now and it should be available to everyone in the next couple of days. You can also manually check the Google Play Store for an update now.