It looks like the much beloved Gmail interface may be about to get an overhaul.

In a video posted today on the Google YouTube channel – and later set to private, what appears above is a mirror of it – a Google employee walks you through a lot of the new features you will see in a potentially upcoming Gmail redesign, but doesn't give any indication as to when this might actually be rolling out to everyone.

At first glance it looks a lot like the current Preview theme that has been in Gmail for several months now, but there are also some subtle changes there that we have not yet seen.  Some of the most interesting features is the auto-resizing to fit the browser window, profile icons in email threads to quickly see who's talking, resizable areas in the sidebar to highlight the features you use the most and a whole lot more.

As this video looks polished and was uploaded today, despite then being set to private later on, the suspicion is that we aren't too far away from this rolling out to the millions of users.  As someone who has been using the Preview theme since the day it released, I can safely tell you that there is no need to fear this new interface.  I'm actually looking forward to the additional features that the revamp is bringing with it, but I also know I'm probably a far heavier user of Gmail than most.  (don't even ask me what my unread mail count is … it'll just make me cry.)  Overall all of the tweaks appear to be about helping you get more out of your account, and that is hardly ever a bad thing.

Are you looking forward to any of these new Gmail features?  When do you think we might see them?

[via Google Operating System]