Android 5.0 Lollipop was officially unveiled last week, but it looks like Google may have at least one big surprise still up its sleeve. A new leak from Android Police reveals Gmail 5.0 for Android, which updates the app for Material Design, also shows added support for competing email services including Yahoo and Outlook.

Similar to Apple’s email app for iOS, the new version of Gmail will apparently work as a catch-all service no matter what email provider you use. A leaked promotional video specifically lists Yahoo and Outlook as third party options that Gmail will support. Switching between different email services will likely be as easy as jumping between separate Gmail accounts in the current app for Android and iOS.

Gmail 5.0 also gets a totally refreshed design meant to match Android Lollipop’s new Material Design aesthetic. The entire thing looks clean and sleek, with round pictures of your contacts next to each email, simplified controls and lots of white with red accents.

Overall it sounds great, but we also have to wonder whether Google will be scanning third-party emails for data in the same way it reads your Gmail. Considering that it hopes to support services from companies like Yahoo and Microsoft, it might not be able to skim those emails for information as easily.

Once the redesigned app is released we should be able to figure that out pretty quickly, though there’s no word on when exactly Gmail 5.0 is scheduled to launch.