Where does the most room for growth in the smartphone market lie? Some research firms already point to China as number one, having already overtaken the Unite States, while others point to India as the fast growing in the world, recently overtaking Japan as the third largest.

A new report from ABI Research states that the United States still remains on top, but only for a short while. China, with its enormous 1.34 billion population, is quickly overtaking America and will become the world’s largest smartphone market before the 2013 is finished.

ABI also claims that the emerging markets in Russia, India, and Brazil, a four country category referred to as BRIC, are set to overtake traditional markets found in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan by 2018, citing the cheap accessibility to the Internet Android and smartphones provide.

“When you look at operating system share in emerging markets, you tend to find that Android has been busy fulfilling its mission to bring the Internet to consumers who can’t afford a traditional PC or Laptop,” senior practice director, Jeff Orr explained.

By 2018, BRIC countries will account for 33% of the smartphone shipments around the world while the United States and Western Europe will drop from 39% down to 33%. Of the top seven countries, BRIC is estimated to be holding four spaces with China, India, and Brazil claiming three of the top spaces. Russia is projected to jump from 11th into 7th place.