Oh Square Enix. Sometimes, I feel like I'm married to you. You irritate me and make me grumpy, but I always come crawling back for more. When things are going well, I feel like I could never be happier. May this relationship last until death do us part.

The towering JRPG giant has a new official survey for the gaming community to fill out. It covers plenty of aspects regarding fans' gaming habits like consoles of choice and dedication to free-to-play games. Square Enix is interested in what franchises you like both inside and outside of its own library, and it is even interested in the kind of phone you use!

Gotta learn all about how to reach its increasingly mobile fanbase.

The survey surprisingly focuses less on the Western side of its business and seems to be gauging interest in its Japanese franchises' potential spread onto Steam. Plenty of focus is put into Final Fantasy and where fans want to see it go from here. Square Enix even asks you for your dream game, be it an original game or a long desired sequel. I just put Final Fantasy XVI with a more classic sense of style.

I couldn't think of anything else.

I don't think I am alone in believing that Square Enix is on the mend after a rough generation. I'm genuinely excited to both read and write news regarding the company these days, and upcoming games from the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, SaGa and Mana franchises point towards an attempt to get back to its roots. Final Fantasy XV is going to blow the world away!

My complaints with the company revolve around smaller issues like its localizations and vanishing cult-classic hits. Dragon Quest VII of course remains exclusive to Japanese shores, and I have doubts that SaGa 2015 will be making it over here as well.

Brave Fencer Musashi, SaGa Frontier, Einhander, Star Ocean: The Second Story, Valkyrie Profile, and a handful of PSOne Classics have yet to be given support through digital channels, and several PlayStation 2 era games like Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII also remain unplayble on modern consoles. Easier access to its legacy would help solidify its lasting future.

Issues like these are the reason Square Enix has an official survey. You just have to let them know about it.