One company based in Vermont, known as VTel, is offering residents gigabit Internet service for just $35 a month later this year. Forgot Google Fiber and its sedate, steady approach—the local provider is beating the search giant to the punch, with cost by undercutting Google by half.

VTel's upcoming rollout has actually been a multi-year project in the making after securing an $81 million grant from the USDA in 2010. By the end of this year, local provider hopes to switch over current customers' DSL with the upgraded fiber service—of 17,500 Vermont homes it serves, 600 have already signed up. Once word travels, I'm sure many more will quickly sign up for the better speeds.

Many local providers, having lost out DSL marketshare to cable, have committed to bringing Fiber to its customers across the country. And with Google's roll out, fiber Internet has become even more of a priority for the future. Hopefully with increased interest, gigabit Internet won't be available to just few select markets, but widespread across the U.S.