The holidays are upon us, and if you’re like me, you have a good portion of you shopping completed.  Yet, there are always those few people on your list that are extremely difficult to buy for. The problem here is that I like tech, so when faced with a “what the heck do I get them” situation, it tends to lean towards what I like, and this could be dangerous. More often than not you end up getting a gift that is just plain terrible. I have put together a list of some gifts to avoid whether the person you are buying for is a techie or not, so let’s get to it.

Although your loved one may be addicted to Twitter, please, whatever you do, do not buy them a TwitterPeek.  This Twitter only handset will set you back about $70 and can do lots of stuff as long as that stuff is on Twitter. The unit comes with six months of Internet service, but after that you will be charged $7.95 a month, or $200 for a lifetime subscription. This unit has no phone features, no Internet browser, no applications, nothing, just Twitter. This has to be one of the worst tech gadgets ever, avoid at all costs.

twitterpeekNext up, novelty mice or mouse pads. Now, unless you are putting pictures of the kids and grandkids on this mousepad, I would stay away from these two items. First off, unless you love tech, when you are using a mouse you are typically at work, and while at work no one wants to fumble around with a mouse shaped as the Death Star or see cartoon characters on their mouse pads. This will just lead to office ridicule and have the gift recipient curse you under their breath Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Don’t be the person associated with a bad day at work.

Household appliances are not the best gift for a loved one. Nothing says “I love you” more than a vacuum cleaner or a mixer. “Merry Christmas, now go make me some muffins and clean up this pig sty.” Name me one person that would be happy to get a gift which leads to more work?  Housework at that. I don’ care if it is the top of the line Dyson model with all the high end features and you had to work a second job to afford it. Just put it back on the self at Sears and keep searching.

Cheap MP3 players seem to be making their rounds under the Christmas tree the last couple of years, and it’s time to put this gift idea to bed once and for all. Now I’m not saying you have to buy them the aaaac7iy7a8aaaaaaqt1vghigh end iPod or Zune, but let’s make sure you purchase an MP3 player that your recipient can at least pronounce. Anything plastic, hard to pronounce and less than $30 is probably a loser, so put the Mach Speed Eclipse back and move on.

Finally, an IOU for a future gift is probably a bad idea. I have had numerous calls from friends and relatives seeking consultation on whether they should buy this piece of tech or that piece of tech, with fears the next generation will soon hit the shelves. I have received five phone calls this week alone in relation to the next gen iPad. There are manyiouopinions if you should buy an iPad now or wait until spring for the new model, but that is a discussion for another day. What I can say is this, either buy them the item or don’t, but don’t give them an IOU for the iPad 2 supposedly coming out in April. The biggest downer is when everyone else is talking about their gifts and showing them off and you have a post-it note saying “IOU one iPad 2”. I think you guys get the point on this as I hear you chuckling now.

I know this article wasn’t a lot of help on what gifts you should buy, but if you can pinpoint what gifts to avoid, maybe it will move you in the right direction. If your still pulling your hair out take a peak at the Top 5 Tech Stocking Stuffers to get you moving in the right direction. I really hope everyone opens their dream gift this year, just keep in mind it feels much better to give the perfect gift than to receive the perfect gift. Happy Holidays everybody!!!