Putting together this year’s holiday gift guide, I came to realize that first, I have a tablet problem. I love the tablet form factor, and I also think it is the computing form factor of the future. And secondly? I really have a TV issue. And bigger truly is better, and I want it to access all the media possible at any given time. Luckily I think a lot of people share these interests, and hopefully this list will assist you with your gift giving this holiday season.

Money is No Object

Samsung UN75ES9000 75-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV


Last year I gave this spot on my list to a 55-inch Samsung television, but now there’s a 75-inch model, how could I resist? Add in 3D, built-in Wi-Fi, pop-up camera for video conferencing and only 1.4-inches thick. Although you would think for $9,999.99 Samsung could have included more than three HDMI ports. If you’re going to be enjoying a television of this size, I’m willing to bet you have more than three HDMI devices to connect to it.

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Gifts Under $2,000

27-inch iMac: 3.2GHz


Who would have thought Apple could make an all-in-one desktop this thin? True, the optical drive being removed was a big help, but it’s still fascinating that an entire computer could be put into something of this size. Either way, it’s fun to look at as well as being a pretty powerful system, but we’re not sure how many of you really need to max it out to 32GB of RAM, but even the base system starting $1,999 will make just about any Mac lover a happy person.

Gifts Under $500

ASUS Transformer Infinity


ASUS makes some really incredibly tablets. They are not your run-of-the-mill, cheap bargain basement Android tablets, they are well constructed, a pleasure to look at and easy to use. As our Transformer Pad Infinity review stated, we love this tablet, and we think anyone you gave it to would as well. If your loved ones don’t want to go the route of an iPad, this is one of the best options out there, hands down.

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Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection


Folks who love technology also seem to have a fondness for the James Bond film series. With 2012 being the 50th anniversary of the film series, it only seems fitting that a complete set of the first 22 films be released – of course just as Skyfall, the 23rd film, is being released – that celebrates the first half a century of the character. The set is available on DVD and Blu-ray, with the latter having a suggested retail price of $299.99, but we’ve found it as low as $149.99 on sites such as Amazon. Not bad for that much James Bond history.

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Under $250

Kindle Fire HD 7


The Kindle Fire HD 7 may not be the most powerful tablet out there, and some people don’t see it as any more than a conduit to Amazon’s products, but it is fantastic for the less tech-inclined folks in your life. Android is the heart of this device, but the heavily customized skin takes away all of the confusion some people may encounter with that operating system. And as a content consumption device, it’s pretty darn awesome.

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Roku 2 XS


The Roku line of media streamers has been a favorite of mine since they released the first model a few years ago. I now have various models of the device hooked up to every TV in my house, and I can’t speak highly enough of them. Some question how useful they are with so many televisions now coming with smart capabilities, but unless you spent enough money, or bought really recently, you probably have several TVs without those capabilities. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch Netflix in the bedroom as well?

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Under $50

NERF Hail-Fire


NERF guns are awesome. End of argument. The TechnoBuffalo crew has a small NERF addiction, so when we learned that there was a new gun out there that could hold up to 144 darts and retails for only $39.99, how could we not be in love? It unfortunately only comes with only 24 darts, but it’s not difficult to get more clips and ammo and just unleash hot NERF death on all of your friends. Oh, and it’s battery operated … oh yeah.

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There’s nothing better than a 2 v 2 matches against your friends, family members or co-workers after a long day at work.

Logitech Harmony 300 Remote Control


If you love tech, or someone in your family does, you know what a disaster the area around their TV is with remote controls. The Logitech Harmony 300 has a suggested retail price of $39.99, and thanks to a constantly updated catalog of over 225,000 system codes, can easily replace four of those in one handy remote. Replacing four remotes with one will make not only the person who receives the gift happy, but anyone who has to live with them.

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