We love our pets here at TechnoBuffalo, so much so that we bring them to the office. You may have seen Lucy and Eva in various videos and pictures on TechnoBuffalo. They demanded they get in on the Holiday Gift Guide, it sounded a lot like “Bark, Bark, Woof, Woof, Grrr.” Eva actually sat down and tried to type this list out, but we ended up helping her out.

Money is No Object

Celebrity Hacienda Dog House


The Celebrity Hacienda Dog House is a dog house customized for some celebrity, your basic Hacienda Dog House will set you back $30,000 before any customization, shipping or handling. I believe you can get air conditioning, heating, lighting installed in your hacienda. I’m fairly certain in some parts of the U.S. you could purchase a human house for $30,000. If the “Hacienda” style is not your pooch’s style, the same company also offers a Brick Estate Dog House and is more affordable at around $25,000.

Gifts Under $2,000

Canine Shower Stall


Have you ever had a roommate that just wasn’t very considerate and sort of just messed things up all the time? Well Eva told me exactly that, she really needed a better bathing arrangement and needed my stuff out of the way. The Canine Shower Stall is what she asked for. This showering tub has a 38-inch hose that sends 16 water-jets deep into your dogs thick fur or hair to remove any dirty spots and dead skin. The tub is fully enclosed with a plastic roof to keep you dry from your dog shaking soap or water all over you. The Canine Shower Stall has 31-inch high walls with additional shelves to help accommodate smaller canines. Retails for $1,250.

Gifts Under $500

Toshiba Petbook


While at the office, Lucy and Eva, as they normally do, were browsing technology related sites when they stumbled on Toshiba’s Petbook. Though I tried to explain to Lucy and Eva that this is likely an April Fools Joke, they wouldn’t have none of it. Prices start at $329.99 to $399.99, comes in 14, 15 and 17-inch Widescreen Display with SlobberGuard Technology, Built-in DoggyCam and microphone, rawhide casing, bone-shaped trackpad, pawprint reader for additional security and a innovative bark2txt (v 3.0) software that converts your pups barks to text. Toshiba promises a 99 percent accuracy rate on this software. I’m skeptical about these devices, they only come with 2 and 3 GBs of RAM.

Tempurpedic Deep Dish Dog Bed


The spoiled dogs that Lucy and Eva are, they’ve demanded these ultra-soft, comfortable Orvis TEMPUR Deep Dish Dog Beds. When they’re in the office, and they aren’t playing with their toys and barking at the UPS guy, they usually are asleep, so they will find good use for these. The Deep Dish Dog beds are filled with a 4-inch thick odor-resistant TEMPUR core. On removable and washable is lined in quilted or fleece material and lined with a water-resistant material. You can add personalized embroidery to the bed so you don’t mistake your pets bed for your own. The Orvis TEMPUR Deep Dish Dog Bed retails for $425 for the largest size and just $295 for the small.

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Gifts Under $250

Pocketfinder Pet Locator


We’ve known for awhile, but Lucy and Eva get jealous of all the human gadgets we tinker and play with. They’ve told me when they can get Bluetooth, and I tell them there is absolutely no need for them to have Bluetooth. Lucy and Eva also ask why they don’t have their own GPS, after all we have them on our phones and in our cars. Well ask and you shall receive, The PocketFinder GPS Pet Locator answers their requests to be connected and tracked wherever they go. The GPS Pet Locator turns just about any collar into a GPS dog collar and your pooch can be tracked via computer, iOS or Android phone. PocketFinder promises the GPS tracker to rugged and water-proof. You can mark off a geo-fence (if they wander off) or set a speed limit (if they get dog-napped) and if the system sense something fishy you will be alerted via email, SMS and push notifications.

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Petmate Le Bistro Portion Control Feeder


Lucy and Eva wish to be independent dogs. They’d rather not have to rely on humans as much to do what they need to do. Eat, sleep and take care of business. Well the Petmate Le Bistro Portion Control Feeder can help with one of those functions. The feeder properly distributes the proper amount of food and time to feed your dog throughout the day. The feeder has a 10-lb. capacity hopper so you don’t have to worry about filling your dogs bowl daily. The removable bowl is dishwasher safe, one less thing you need to worry about.

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Gifts Under $50

Bubbletastic Dog Bubble machine


There are very few certain things in life, what I know to be true is that dogs love bubbles and bacon. So what better than to combine the two. The Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine promises to blow thousands of bubbles for your dogs to pop and provide hours of entertainment (or at least until the batteries or bubble juice runs out). The Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine Retails for $19.95.

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Pet Peek


Dogs, especially Eva, love windows. Not the operating system from Microsoft, but rather those glass things on buildings and on cars. All the wet nose marks on my car windows and at home prove so. Pet Peek ads windows to your backyard wooden fence. If you’ve ever been to the Georgia Aquarium and have stuck your head up through the dome to stand next to the penguins, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Your best friend can now stick his or her head out of the fence to see what is going on. Plus I’m sure it will creep out your neighbors. Pet Peak retails for $34.98.

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