Love GIFs? Then Pinger has an awesome new Windows Phone app that you’ll really dig. It’s called GIF Chat, the same app that originally launched on iOS and Android last summer, and it lets you record your own six second GIF animations that you can swap with friends in a private chat environment.

Like Snapchat,  your GIFs can be set with a timer that ultimately “self destruct” after a specific number of loops. If you want a more permanent option, you can also choose to allow your GIFs to loop indefinitely. To get started, simply install the free application and tap record. You can choose to use either the rear or front-facing camera, and then you pick the number of loops you want. Type in some text, sent it off to a friend who also uses GIF Chat, and you’re good to go.

Right now the app is ad-supported, and we kind of hope a premium ad-free version is coming. We also would love to see an option that allows you to browse the Internet for other GIFs, since for now it only let’s your record your own. Head to the Windows Phone Store in the source link below to download GIF Chat now.