Ghost Recon Wildlands is still largely a mystery to me, admittedly. It’s a game that I know of, but I haven’t seen or heard much of it since its reveal at E3 last year. Ubisoft’s been quiet about it, and I believe that’s come largely as a result of over-promising on the likes of Watch_Dogs.

Are the two games even related? No, but it seems to me that Ubisoft was more than willing to show off that title at a constant clip ahead of its release. Then look at how it turned out on launch day. It’ll likely fall on most gamers’ disappointing lists for the generation. This one? They haven’t revealed much at all, perhaps in an attempt to keep it close to the chest.

Here we have a more-than-two minute trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands. This is an open world game, a first for the franchise, and it appears to promise some serious graphical beauty. The trailer looks like it features footage captured in engine, but it never states that fact. I’m making an assumption there.

We don’t have a release date for Ghost Recon Wildlands yet. It’s set to release for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The trailer says we’ll see more from it at E3 in June. Stay tuned.