It’s possible you grew up in a house with an intercom that made it possible to communicate between floors without shouting up the stairs. It’s also possible there’s an intercom in your home today but, thanks to the smartphone in your pocket, it probably doesn’t get much use. That’s where Nucleus comes in.

This smart home intercom is basically a modified tablet that can hang on your wall or sit propped up on a tablet. It packs a full touchscreen display, a wide-angle front-facing camera, motion detecting sensors, a microphone and speakers. It connects to your Wi-Fi so you can sync up multiple units around the house or check in when you’re out using a mobile app for Android or iOS.

“Nucleus is unique because it was designed by families for families,” Nucleus co-founder and CEO Jonathan Frankel told TechnoBuffalo. “We know how difficult it can be to get everyone down to dinner or to get Grandma on Skype and designed a product to solve those specific needs.”

For now, Nucleus is only available straight from the company’s website, though pre-orders won’t actually ship until spring of next year. You’ll also get a pretty nice discount along with a few extra perks.

You can pre-order a Nucleus for $209 (down from the planned retail price of $249). You’ll save even more if you buy more than one, with the price per unit dropping all the way to $179 when you order eight at once. On top of that, you’ll also get some premium membership features, including free music streaming, free motion detection support and 50 percent off cloud storage fees.

Pre-orders will close on Monday, November 30, and Frankel says it’s already gone far better than he ever imagined. “We have been blown away by the reception we have gotten,” he said. “Not only have we received lots of orders, but we get tons of emails from customers thanking us for creating a product they’ve been looking for years.”

Check out the video below to learn more, and hit the source link to place a pre-order online if you’re interested.