Halloween is the night for geeks far and wide to dress as their favorite comic book hero, game villain or even tech device. But it’s coming up quick, leaving not a lot of time for a DIY costume.

Why not dress as your favorite Internet meme? Even if the “civilians” don’t quite get your get-up, you’ll still feel like one of the hip, esoteric technorati. NASA’s Mohawk Guy, for example, has been lighting up the webs since the Mars Rover driver went viral. Got a blue polo shirt, headset and mohawk wig? (Who doesn’t?) Or maybe a pair of shears and a lot of guts? Then you could so rock this meme:

NASA Mohawk Guy

Or get ready to get an epic Nyan cat on. This one’s trickier, but not impossible. Just a cat mask, some black clothes and a painted cardboard tent sign, and you’re golden.

Nyan Cat

Of course, you can get extra points for going full tilt if you have a giant cat head lying around…

Nyan cat costume

Looking for something a little easier? The Y U No guy or Troll face would draw laughs cheaply and easily. Working this is as simple as printing out a big version, pasting it on cardboard and using it as a mask.

Meme Faces

Overly Attached Girlfriend is a classic. You could wear a blue Tee, a brown wig and your best wide-eyed freaky look, but the best way to go is to blow this pic up poster size, cut a hole in it and pop your face in where hers is. Extra points if you’re a bug-eyed dude willing to wear this all night.

Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme Whos mom

Of course, if you love a challenge and are hardwired to don hard wires, you could pop on over to Popular Mechanics’ list of 13 High-Tech DIY Halloween Costumes and go totally mecha with your bad self.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Tell us about your costume: Is it high tech? Low tech? No tech at all (but still totally awesome)? Share in the comments.