Power Stone

Free money! Sony has sent out voucher codes for last October's money-back deal, and $15 could currently be waiting in your inbox if you spent over $100 in the month of October.

Be sure to claim your prize quickly. Voucher codes must be redeemed by March 31, but the money can be held on to as long as you want.

Oh, why couldn't this come last week when I was on the market for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, a $15 dollar game? I hate having money burning a hole in my pocket, and I just have to spend it. There's no games I really want to buy at full price these days, but at the same time, there is no way am I going to be able to wait for a sale!

Oh no, I can see the smoke! Get this burning wad of digital cash out of my digital wallet! I can't breathe!

Ah, a candidate! I've been meaning to go back and play a little Power Stone recently. Do we have a general opinion on how it holds up on the PSP? But if that is the taker, we still have $5 left over! Oh no!