Navi Watch for Samsung Gear

Samsung Gear users can now get turn-by-turn navigation on their wrist thanks to D.M.A. Navi Watch, a new app that's available to download now from Samsung Apps.

Navi Watch, which is actually a watch face rather than a traditional Gear app, fetches its directions from Google Maps on your smartphone, then displays them on your wrist. It's designed to help you navigate new places without wearing down the battery on your phone.

When visiting new locations, most people will use their phone to find their way, but Navi Watch developer "drashko" points out that leaving its display on all the time while you're navigating can be a huge battery drain — particularly on a sunny day, when brightness needs to be turned right up to ensure you can actually see what's on screen.

With Navi Watch, however, you simply have to tell Google Maps where you want to go, then put your smartphone back into your pocket and get the turn-by-turn directions on your Gear. Each turn is delivered instantly to your wrist, and it's viewable as soon as your Gear lights up.

Navi Watch isn't just for walking directions; it can also be used when cycling, using public transport, and even in the car. Try not to look down at your wrist too often when you're behind the wheel, though.

To get started with Navi Watch, simply search for it in Samsung Apps and follow the step-by-step setup instructions.