Here is a trailer that is bound to set off a few nostalgia switches. Square Enix has announced plans to bring the popular mobile game Final Fantasy: Record Keeper to the States in English, and the newly released trailer celebrates the last 19 years of Final Fantasy.

Yes, 19 years of Final Fantasy. Not the full 28. In America, the history of Final Fantasy begins at VII apparently. Very little time is dedicated to the first five entries in the series, probably because the 3D graphics are what sells the series. Final Fantasy IV, V and VI get about a quarter of a second of air time each, just enough so people can't complain about them not being there.

Didn't work! Compare this to the Japanese trailer which proudly displays its 8-bit roots.

I'm just jesting. Final Fantasy: Record Keeper has obtained a reputation in Japan as being the most noteworthy of free-to-play Final Fantasy games, and many people praise the nostalgia that it delivers. Much more so than All The Bravest. The game allows players to battle through many of the series' most iconic moments using its most memorable characters. All are rendered in a classic Final Fantasy VI pixelated style, but the monsters appear more modern and detailed in their design.

I've always wanted to see a game that perfectly captures Final Fantasy's earlier battle systems in a pick up and play arcade style experience. You know, minus the whole overarching adventure aspect. This is the closest we'll ever get to that, I think. I've made a few attempts at getting into the Japanese version, but I definitely would prefer to play this in English.

"Final Fantasy: Record Keeper delivers the ultimate Final Fantasy experience for the dedicated and passionate fans of this franchise and we are excited to work with Square Enix to bring it to players worldwide this spring," said Shintaro Asako, CEO of DeNA West.

"We have seen great success with Final Fantasy: Record Keeper in Japan, with over five million downloads since the game launched," said Ichiro Hazama, Producer at Square Enix. "From classic characters and iconic moments to the legendary battle system, the game is resonating with fans and mobile gamers alike."

No word on a release date yet, but it will be available for both iOS and Android before the end of the spring.