Humble Bundle has revealed its freshest batch of pay-what-you-want gaming goodness. This time, it’s a selection of Android games. As is standard with these bundles that feature Android games, the titles also work on the PC platform.

Here’s what’s being offered at each available tier.

Pay Anything

  • 10000000
  • Badland
  • Spacecom

Pay At Least $3

  • Please Don’t Touch Anything
  • Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon
  • You Must Build A Boat
  • “More games coming soon!”

Pay The Average Price +$3 (currently $8.56, total)

  • Desktop Dungeons
  • Knights of Pen & Paper 2

Honestly, the only games in the batch that I have experience with are 10000000 and You Must Build A Boat, two titles in the same series. Both are fantastic matching puzzle games with a dungeon crawling, progression and demon battling mechanic. Paying $3 for the full bundle is worth it for these two games alone, in my opinion.

The others? Icing on the cake. I’ll be snapping this bundle up once I finish writing this post.

Any takers?