It can be frustrating paying for parking with a credit card or cash. You’re leaving the mall, standing in a line of people all fumbling with a machine trying to pay for parking. The whole process takes far longer than it should, and it’s about to get a lot quicker thanks to Apple Pay. A company named Cale that develops the terminals used for paying for parking just announced contactless payment options that will work with Apple Pay, be it on an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or the Apple Watch.

“The new contactless reader selected by Cale is also capable of accepting other NFC mobile wallets and will help Cale’s customers prepare for the upcoming shift by card-issuing banks to more secure EMV transactions from the current mag-stripe card technology,” the company announced, suggesting it will also work with solutions like Samsung Pay.

The new terminals are set to enter manufacturing in September and, chances are, you’ll run into one. Cale provides payment solutions in more than 200 cities around the U.S., Puerto Rico and Bermuda.