The dates for the Steam summer sale have appeared to leak. Good news for folks wanting more video games for cheap, bad news for buyers who can’t say no to a deal and don’t want to hurt their wallets.

IGN Russia spotted a post on a Russian social media site, VKontakte, indicating the dates of the next Steam sale: June 11 through June 20.

The post appeared, according to IGN, on Valve’s official page on the service. The post indicates, also, that there will be an “encore sale” that will feature the best deals from the sale for a couple more days afterward.

This has not yet been confirmed by Valve in the U.S., but the timing is about right. In this case, it’ll run right through E3 and end just in time for summer. We don’t know yet if Valve intends to have some kind of meta game with badges and gems and the like, but they’ve had some success gamifying their sales in the past so it wouldn’t be surprising to see it back.

Now that we know when the sale is coming: what’s at the top of your wishlist?