Years ago, NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal traveled to Tokyo for a charity event and mysteriously vanished into another dimension. Surrounded by the nastiest creatures and fighters of this new realm, he selflessly battled their leader, the ancient mummy Sett-Ra, to save the life of a young fan. His only weapon, his bare hands and the intimate knowledge of the legendary lost martial art, Shaq Fu.

Yes, Shaq Fu is one of the most beloved horrible video games of all time, thanks to its outlandish storyline, brutal AI, and impossible gameplay. Some hate the game so much that they've created a website dedicated to eradicating every last copy in existence so future generations never have to experience it.

However, their mission has just taken a huge turn for the impossible. Hiptic Games has just gone and released a spiritual successor titled Shaq Down for Android and iOS, thus forever sealing the memory of Shaq Fu forever in the annals of digital distribution. One can only hope EA works up the nerve to release Shaq Fu onto the mobile marketplace sometime in the future as well.

Only, Shaq Down is not a fighting game like its loathsome predecessor. Apparently, while Shaq was off fighting demons in another dimension, zombies have overtaken the Earth, and now he is the planet's only hope for ridding the Earth of the undead using moves like "successful free throw shot."

Shaq Down is actually an endless runner game with three tracks to keep an eye on. Shaq jumps between the planes to rack up points wherever zombies are the most infested. It is available through iTunes and Google Play for just $.99. Certainly, that's worth the premise alone.

If famous NBA athletes trapped in post-apocalyptica is your thing, then be sure to check out Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden RPG series from Tales of Games or Michael Jordan: Chaos in Windy City on the SNES. There's something just so appealing about B-Ballers being the savior of mankind.

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