HTC was expected to follow-up the Nexus 9 with a new tablet of its own, but four months later the company hasn’t shown any interest in releasing another Android slate. The rumored device could still be in the works though, according to a new report from @upleaks.

It’s unclear if this means the rumored tablet will offer better or worse specs compared to the Nexus 9, though we’re hoping it’s an upgrade. We’d love to see HTC pack all the latest hardware into a 9-inch slate and maybe improve the design a bit too. The Google-branded model was a fine device, but it still fell short of our lofty expectations.

Unfortunately, it sounds like HTC’s new tablet won’t be hitting the market anytime soon. An announcement after Q1 means we won’t be seeing the device at Mobile World Congress next month. It also means HTC still has plenty of time to rethink the project or even scrap it entirely.

Considering the trajectory of the tablet market right now that might not be such a bad idea, though we’d still like to see what HTC has planned.