Thanks to a number of innovations already provided by Apple, such as AirPlay and iTunes Wi-Fi syncing, we get a mostly wireless experience with our iPads. However, it's not as wireless as it could be.

We still need to tether our device to a power outlet for charging, and for syncing with iTunes over Wi-Fi. But thanks to LaunchPort, the "world's first inductive charging and mounting system" from Dana Innovations, we can now eliminate the iPad's USB cable altogether.

LaunchPort provides docks around your home — using either stands or wall-mounted magnets — which use inductive charging to refuel your device the second it makes contact. It means you'll never need to search every drawer in the house for a USB cable again — you just slap your iPad on the wall.

While LaunchPort isn't the first inductive charging solution, it is, apparently, the first inductive charging and mounting system. I think it's terrific, but it comes at a cost.

The LaunchPort consists of three different products which are all sold individually, including the PowerShuttle case for your iPad that houses the inductive charging tech, a BaseStation tabletop dock/stand, and the WallStation wall mounts. The PowerShuttle iPad case alone will set you back a whopping $149, while the BaseStation and WallStation mounts are $199 each.

I'd love to have the LaunchPort integrated into my home, but for two wall mounts (you'll probably want at least two), one stand, and the iPad case, I'm looking at a bill of $746. I think I'll stick with the USB cable for a while.

What do you think of LaunchPort?

[via Cult of Mac]