With so many multi-use products teeming with pages-long feature lists out there, it’s kind of refreshing when an item excels at the one and only thing it’s intended to do — look cute.

This adorable Droid-Kun Plugy earphone jack accessory is perfect for anyone with an Android phone or Honeycomb tablet, a love of miniatures, or a penchant for showing off their love of the little robot.

No Android device? Well, it does fit all standard 3.5mm headphone jacks, so you could even turn a few heads by doing the unthinkable — putting him on guard to watch over an iPhone or BlackBerry (that is, if you don’t mind the finger-pointing, shocked looks of disbelief and hysterical tears). In fact, even the product packaging shows him sitting atop an iPhone-ish device.

It’s just $5.20, and comes in both green and pink. The product debuted on August 25, and the green one has already sold out (there are some pink ones left, as of this writing). So if you like this, check back at the link from time to time so you know when supplies are back in stock.

Do you sport a love of the ‘droid via accessories, pillows, dolls, screensavers, etc, or just by rocking a cool device only? If you’ve got Android pride and aren’t afraid to show it, hit the comment thread below.

[via ChipChick]