Sometimes it seems like Nintendo doesn’t always understand their fanbase. This time, though, they’ve got us nailed. There’s an extra large version of the Yarn Yoshi amiibo coming, ready for hugging and amiibo action.

While the game – Yoshi’s Woolly World – hits Wii U on October 15 in the US, this extra snuggly amiibo comes a month later. Its amiibo functionality will remain identical to its only slightly-less-adorable counterpart. Its price, however, will reflect the size difference, as it will drop for a bit more than double the price. While the standard Yarn Yoshi will retail for $17, its Mega counterpart will be $40.

Mega Yarn Yoshi will hit shelves in the US (for just a second before it sells out) on November 15 in the US, and November 27 in Europe, where the game has been out for a couple months now.