SkyHub Cloud

How's this for a sobering statistic…a survey shows nearly a quarter of all hard drives will fail within four years of their first boot-up.

Sure, that means nearly three-quarters of those drives WILL survive past Year 4…but do you want to be the one guy in four who loses all of his irreplaceable documents, videos and images? Eliminate the guessing game and pick up a lifetime subscription to 1TB of SkyHub Cloud Storage, now a ridiculously low $49.99 — a whopping 88% off its regular price.

With SkyHub, you'll get automatic back-up drives (either NAS or DAS) on up to four computers, leaving all your important data nestled safely in the cloud under 256-AES Server Side encryption. Despite that protection, you'll still be able to access your files easily from any device anytime, anywhere.

You'll be able to rest assured your data is secure — and unlike most services that charge monthly fees, your one-time $49.99 fee is it. You're covered forever.

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