GE announced two new connected lightbulbs this week, including one that changes colors on its own to match the time of day. The new Sleep and Life bulbs won’t launch until early next year, though you can sign up now for a 20 percent discount and updates from the company.

Of the two new bulbs Sleep is definitely more interesting. It’s designed for bedrooms and other parts of the house that get a lot of use at night. In the morning it will shine with a bright blue light meant to imitate actual sunlight. Throughout the day it automatically shifts to orange and eventually a softer yellow at night, which should make it easier to fall asleep.

Meanwhile, the Life bulb only has a regular orange setting, though you can still control the brightness level. It’s meant for rooms that only get used during the day. Both bulbs also connect directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, making it possible to control individual lights throughout the house or even an entire room at once. You can also set times for each bulb to turn on and off based on your schedule.

GE is selling four bulbs (two of each) as a $50 starter pack starting in January 2016. Hit the source link below to learn more or sign up to buy your own once they’re available.