Apple vs Samsung FightThe land of Hasselhoff aficionados may be granted all the Baywatch reruns they can handle, but they won’t be getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to watch them on. Actually, Duesseldorf judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann is attempting to make it quite difficult to acquire a Galaxy Tab in Beethoven’s homeland. You see, injunctions are temporary bans while litigation carries on. At the current moment, this recent injunction prohibits Samsung Germany from selling and Samsung International from exporting and selling Galaxy Tab 10.1 units to and within the country.

Apple’s bittersweet residual taste in the mouth stems from the fact that

“…retailers such as consumer electronics chain Media Markt will still be able to sell the device by selling off existing stock or getting new supplies from the South Korean group’s parent Samsung International,” according to Reuters. In fact, “the sales ban in Europe for Samsung Germany has no practical consequences,” states patent expert Florian Mueller.

German Judge Brueckner-Hofmann claimed “Our case had nothing to do with trademarks or patents for technology. It (the tablet) is distinguished by its smooth, simple areas.”

Apple, having recently lost the European Union case in The Hague, which would have caused increased damage to Samsung’s Western sales, is still fighting to prevent Samsung from branching out, as evidenced in the latest fisticuffs that are going down in Japan. At the current moment, the ban in Germany is still temporary and must be solidified later on, though it looks like this will be a victory for Apple in the long run.

Meanwhile, Samsung will “take all available legal options, including continuing to aggressively pursue Apple for what Samsung said are violation(s) of its wireless technology patents around the world.” Place your bets, folks, this title bout is just getting started!

Source: Reuters