tire-image1If you live in an area of the world that is prone to significant climate changes, good news may be down the road. German scientist Detlef Riemer and his crew showcased an “adaptive tire” concept at this year’s Hanover Fair.

The concept is merely in its patent phase, but that didn’t prevent Riemer from divulging his plans for the revolutionary tread. Riemer’s adaptive tire will be equipped with electronic sensors that detect road conditions, whether it’s a dry open freeway or slushy country road. Riemer claims the tires’ profile will be raised and/or lowered automatically as the tire travels down the road, which reminds me of a set of tires you’d find on the Batmobile.

“That means your car is always equipped with the best possible tyre, and noise and petrol consumption are automatically optimized, too,” said Riemer. The materials to be used are unknown, and the adaptive tire is still merely an idea, but hopefully this is something we’ll see in the near future. Ideally, Riemer will design an adaptive snow tire with retractable metal spikes for New England winters, as there’s nothing more pesky than having to swap tires twice a year.

[Via: Phys.org]