Since Feb. 2012, German smartphone owners have been barred from receiving iCloud email push notifications following a patent dispute between Apple and Motorola. The ban has been in place for longer than the required 18-month injunction, and FOSS Patents reports it will finally be lifted as soon as Apple posts a required bond.

Over the past year and a half, Apple fans in Germany have been forced to use a work-around. While regular push notifications for iCloud email services were automatically deactivated, iOS devices were able to check periodically for new messages. Not the hugest inconvenience, but still an annoying situation for German iPhone owners.

With the smartphone patent wars showing no signs of slowing down, Google has struggled to take on Apple in court, despite the trove of patents it acquired through Motorola Mobility. The email push notifications ban was a small but hard-won victory, which only succeeded after German courts struck down several similar cases. Meanwhile, Apple has mostly targeted Samsung with its patent claims, and the two companies are set to meet again in court this November.