Creating the perfect cheesy space movie is not for the faint of heart, but lucky for us, Gerard Butler seems up to the task in the latest trailer for Geostorm. Let’s just say it seems destined to become the next great good/bad movie thanks to its absurd plot and terrible visual effects.

The trailer starts of innocuously enough. In the future humans have found a way to eliminate natural disasters through the use of space satellites. Sounds pretty awesome. But there’s a lot that can go wrong.

The first character we meet is Gerard Butler’s Jacob Lawson, a devil-may-care climate scientist who’s tardiness to a Senate Committee is justified by his terrible commute from space. Naturally when the satellites go to hell, Jacob is the man to save us from our dire fate.

But contrary to what you may have thought, the satellites don’t go haywire on their own. Some more ominous entity is the culprit. The trailer stops one step from revealing the bad guy’s identity because it wants us to actually watch the movie in theaters.

The rest of the trailer goes according to any cheesy space movie script. Protagonist returns to space where he’s conveniently in the right spot to save the world; protagonist’s friend/brother/some other relation kidnaps the president with the help of a beautiful girl upon which he’s urged to marry her; protagonist saves the day from space.

You know where to find me when Geostorm hits theaters on October 20.