The next time we see Superman onscreen, it’ll be in next year’s Batman v Superman, which is being used as a platform to launch an entire DC film universe. And while we heard Ben Affleck’s Batman would be the darling of Warner Bros.’ upcoming superhero spectacle, the studio apparently has forgotten about Man of Steel 2.

And just who do you think will direct said movie? How about George Miller, who dazzled audiences earlier this year with Mad Max: Fury Road?

According to Jon Schnepp, who directed The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, Miller has been approached by Warner Bros. following the success of Fury Road (another Warner Bros. film). And why not? Miller has proved he’s full of spectacle and invention, so he could certainly bring a lot to the man of steel. Now it’s just a matter if he’ll actually agree to take on the project.

Miller was actually tied to a Justice League movie that wound up getting scrapped back in 2007, which means he might have a soft spot for the DC universe. Miller hasn’t yet said what he has planned following this year’s Fury Road, though he has hinted at some ideas for another Mad Max, and possibly a Furiosa spin-off.

The slate of DC movies coming out over the next few years doesn’t really leave much room for a Man of Steel 2, especially if the studio wants a new trilogy with Ben Affleck’s Batman.